Why Hire an Independent College Counselor

Each high school has an admissions and counseling office and many officers will have around 50-100 students. Given an average working week, each counselor can only devote around half an hour to each student. That simply isn’t enough time. If the average counselor only sees a student four times, this generally only covers brainstorming which colleges are available, getting the student the applicable login information and set up to take admissions testing at those colleges, and recommendation letters and grants. There are so many things that were left out such as timelines to finish certain steps in the application process, what should be covered in recommendation letters, retesting for denial, appeals of denials and more.


An independent counselor will be available with more hours to devote to each student since they normally take no more than 3 students at one time. This allows ample and equal time to be distributed to their applicants. There is also more time for them to help with the application process, college admission essays (including working with you on drafting and editing essays), and other important criteria.  Simply put, an independent consular can give students 


The time that school spending on your kid is not enough and they do not focus on one individual at a time, we have successfully help the kids on that.