Why Choose Us

Many colleges trick students into thinking that the only way they can get through the admissions process easily is to know a secret loophole or that they have to have a secret source of admission help. This is one of the biggest myths that we have proven wrong with our services. While it is true that a counselor should have a good understanding of grading values, many colleges have different levels to the grade values. By this, we mean that College A will not know everything about the admission policies and grading levels of College B, College C or College D, or vice versa. In not having admissions officers and instead using admission counselors, we have eliminated the worry that all college admissions are the same. Our record in admissions processing speaks for itself. We have helped countless students enter Ivy Colleges such as Columbia University, Yale University, Middlebury College, Michigan State University, Miami University, Boulder College, American University, DePaul University and countless others!


We provide a service that benefits the students while engaging them in the admission process. Not only do they work one on with us, but they become part of their own admission team. The philosophy of Ivy University Consulting is that you are a unique individual and we want to stand you apart each other student based on your desires, interests and goals, while also giving you the same opportunity as any other student. While it may be true that your testing scores will determine your strengths and weaknesses, we realize that SAT and ACT scores don’t reveal everything in a student, neither does a GPA. We help each student identify with their individual strengths, talents, interests and desires, and in doing so, we help find colleges who are looking for students with those particular qualities. This helps to maximize the chance of accepted admission applications at colleges of the student’s choice and our recommendation.